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Journals & Notebooks

Use journals and notebooks to keep all your pages in one place, or use these convenient products to keep track of your class notes. With different colors and styles to choose from, you can keep a new book for every class or work meeting. Choose from ruled or plain pages, depending on your needs.

Keep Notes Clearly
With ruled pages, it's easy to keep notes that are easy to scan and read. You can skip lines to save space for notes following a business meeting, or opt to use a few lines for a doodle or sketch. The blue lines won't scan in if you need to digitize the paper, making it easy to create black-and-white prints of your notes without lines.

Keep Your Notes Together
Thanks to wirebound notebooks, all your paperwork can be held together securely. Wired notebooks come in two styles, those with a side binding or those with top binding. Whether you prefer to open your notebook from left to right or up and down, discover note-taking solutions that suit your needs.

Choose Your Style
Journals and notebooks come with a variety of cover options, so you can always tell which notebook you need for different classes or work meetings. Choose from plain colored notebooks or those with patterns and designs to ensure your notebook stands out from the rest. If you want to add your contact information to the front or inside of your notebook, you can do so with a stylized metallic label that you can print off from your computer in just a few easy steps.


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