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Marvel Education Playground Equipment

Fun, Safe RecreationPlayground equipment helps students stay active during breaks in the school day. Game equipment and play structures spur the imagination. Meanwhile, whistles and cones help keep students safe during play sessions.

Encourage Imagination
Play structures such as playhouses, climbing structures, and slides encourage imaginative play. Children may play house with classmates or pretend they are climbing a mountain to reach the top of the slide. Sandboxes offer a blank slate for the imagination and encourage children to create.

Develop Skills
Game equipment helps small children learn about team sports and cooperation and develop motor skills. Whether they participate in a game of ladder ball, ring toss, badminton, or volleyball, students learn about how to follow instructions and work with others to accomplish a goal while having fun. Repetitive movements such as throwing and aiming help develop motor skills. Add more sporting goods to your outdoor equipment to increase the level of fun.

Provide Safety
Playground equipment provides safety and structure to recreational areas. Use safety cones or floor marking tape to mark boundaries or alert children of unsafe areas, and blow whistles to stop bad behavior, gain attention, or mark the end of a play session. Lanyards help you keep whistles, badges, stopwatches, and other useful equipment at hand.

Rely on Durable Construction
Whether you use playground equipment indoors or outdoors, it is built to last through tough use. Many items are made from durable plastic that withstands the elements, prevents fading, and is easy to clean. Sandboxes feature molded lids that keep out weather and animals to ensure long-lasting use, and game equipment often folds down or includes weatherproof storage bags.


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