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Brew individual cups of coffee on demand using Keurig K-Cup pods and your Keurig coffeemaker. Select breakfast blends for an extra boost of energy as you're heading to the office. Having trouble choosing? Check out our Coffee Research Center for articles, tips and advice. Choose bold blends in the afternoons to revive your flagging energy, giving you the strength to finish your day.

Easy to Use
Pop Keurig K-Cups into your Keurig coffeemaker to make quick and easy individual cups of brew on demand. Making a fresh cup of coffee to your exacting specifications is as easy as popping a K-Cup of your choice into the machine and pressing a button. These coffee pods are an excellent choice for times when speed is of the essence, such as when you're getting ready for work or breaking between meetings.

A Variety of Flavors
Choose your favorite flavor of coffee and brew guilt-free using Keurig K-Cups. Each pod makes a single cup of coffee when used in your Keurig coffee brewer, so you don't have to brew an entire pot to get the taste you desire. Choose the level of roast based on your specific tastes from a variety of options, including regular, medium, and bold, or select decaffeinated varieties for late nights when you want to enjoy a cup of joe without ruining your sleep. Seasonal flavors are also available, giving you a nice change.

Versatile Pod Options
Discover not only coffee K-Cups, but also tea and hot chocolate pods that work with your Keurig machine. Select from a wide array of teas, including green tea, chai latte, and English breakfast tea. Entice your taste buds with rich hot chocolate in a variety of flavor options, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel.
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Keurig® Holiday Tree Gift Box, K-Cup, 15 Count
Item : 1809270 / Model : 117299
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  • High Quality Arabica Beans
  • Dark Roast and Medium Roast
  • K-Cup pod
15 K-Cup Pods
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Keurig® K-Cup® Green Mountain® Gingerbread Coffee, Regular, 18 Pack
Item : 180034 / Model : 626
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  • Regular coffee
  • Light roast strength
  • Flavors and aroma will remind you of fresh-baked, warm gingerbread
18 K-Cup Pods
The Original Donut Shop® Holiday Gift Box, K-Cup, 20 Count
Item : 1809269 / Model : 117297
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  • High Quality Arabica Beans
  • Medium Roast and Extra Bold
  • K-Cup pod
20 K-Cup Pods