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Martha Stewart Kitchen Labels

Save time in the kitchen by labeling unmarked items with Martha Stewart kitchen labels. Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these adhesive labels fit securely onto jars, bottles, and other containers. Enjoy greater organization with fashionable flair thanks to the stylish designs.

Easy Organization
Spend less time searching for the products you need and more time enjoying meals when you get organized with Martha Stewart kitchen labels. Affix labels to any small, unmarked packages as reminders of what's inside, so you don't need to open them up to find out. Use large labels on your kitchen jars so that you never again confuse the flour with the sugar. These adhesive labels are simple to use; write down what you need to know, peel the label off the backing, and apply it to the item you're labeling.

Dry-Erase Labels
Reuse the same labels again and again with dry-erase labels from the Martha Stewart kitchen labels collection. This saves you the trouble of peeling off and replacing labels on frequently used items, such as food storage containers that house leftovers. Simply wipe the label clean as needed, and note the new contents with any standard dry-erase marker.

Assorted Designs
Keep easy track of tiny spice and seasoning jars with small, round labels that fit just right on small canister lids. Choose larger rectangular or oval labels for bigger containers, or use pre-printed designs that conveniently provide space for you to jot down both the contents and the storage date. Choose from multiple colors and styles to suit your personal taste or coordinate with your favorite kitchenware.


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