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OB/GYN Examination

Help every women who comes into your office feel safe and calm with OB/GYN examination equipment. Choose specula designed to give you a look at the reproductive system, and select other tools for diagnosing and treating patients. The right tools let you detect a variety of vital health conditions.

Prevent Allergic Reactions
Prevent reactions caused by allergies to metal with specula and other tools made from hospital-grade stainless steel. These tools are latex-free, which means you can clean and reuse the supplies on all patients without worrying about possible allergic reactions and the legal implications of those issues.

Help Patients Relax
Make your patients feel more relaxed when coming to you for pregnancy test, a pap smear, or another service with tools that look as professional as you do. The smoothness of those tools can also help patients feel more calm when laying on the table and undergoing an examination.

Diagnose Medical Conditions
Use OB/GYN equipment with testing kits to diagnose and treat your patients. Pregnancy tests let you know if a patient is pregnant in as little as three minutes, and other tests let you monitor blood sugar and glucose levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure in pregnant patients and those undergoing treatment for various medical conditions.

Disposable and Reusable Supplies
Choose between disposable and reusable supplies. Reusable supplies include tools that you can use on hundreds of patients after thoroughly cleaning each piece. Disposable supplies let you throw away the tools and equipment that you used on each patient to cut down on the risk of diseases and viruses spreading to other patients.

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