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Knives & Blades

Knives and blades from manufacturers such as Stanley, Irwin, and Klein Tools give you the ability to slice through almost any material with ease. Whether you're working in the warehouse or out on a job site, having the right knives and blades can make a difference in your speed and efficiency. Stock up on different blades for different purposes so you're ready to handle any job.

Cut Through Anything
Cut through linoleum flooring, layers of packing tape, fabric, carpet, or other materials quickly with the right knife. Choose a hook knife blade to prevent damage to things under the material you are cutting.

Always Ready
With replacement blades designed to fit your knife, you'll always be ready with a fresh, sharp blade. Buy replacement blades singly or stock up with a pack of 100.

Safe Disposal
Dispose of your knife blades with a blade disposal container that secures the items inside so that no one gets cut accidentally. For safety, use cut resistant gloves when cutting tough materials.
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