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Light Bulbs

Fill the room with light to prevent eyestrain with these easy-to-use light bulbs. Each type of bulb has benefits, such as the sharp light of an incandescent bulb. Save money by opting for bulbs that have longer life spans, which also reduces upkeep time because you replace them less often.

Safety Lighting
Exit and emergency bulbs use eye-catching red light to ensure everyone is aware of them. Emergency lights are a simple and effective way to alert people when something is wrong, such as a fire or a break-in. Lit exit signs are safer and easier to find than versions that lack light, and exit lighting is easy to see in the dark or through haze or smoke during emergency situations.

Halogen Bulbs
When you need soft light, opt for halogen light bulbs. These bulbs are typically used for flood lighting situations, such as exterior lighting of paths, stairs, and parking lots. This lighting is gentle on the eyes because it creates a bright area with few harsh shadows. Halogen bulbs can last up to 2,000 hours, so they can brighten many nights before needing to be replaced, reducing upkeep time.

Energy-Efficient Bulbs
Add energy-efficient bulbs to your table, desk, and floor lamps to save energy and money. Energy-efficient compact florescent lights and regular florescent lights can last up to 10,000 hours. CFL bulbs require no retrofitting and can fit in most standard light sockets, making it easy to upgrade your business to save money and energy. These bulbs cast bright light that's good for use in garages, workshops, and your favorite office.

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