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Compasses, Protractors and Markers

Compasses, protractors, and markers make it easy to get exact measurements for all of your important projects. Whether you're designing products or drafting out building details, these products help you get your project completed efficiently.

Scribe Circles in Multiple Sizes
Whether you need to scribe tiny circles or ones up to 80 inches in diameter, radius markers from manufacturers such as Contour and Curv-O-Mark can help. Pair your scribe circles with a heavy-duty ruler to get accurate straight lines.

Get Unparalleled Accuracy
Compasses, protractors, and markers from General and Empire give you precise and accurate measurements you can rely on. Use them when scoring or deep cutting and rest assured that your measurements are correct.

Handle Layouts More Quickly
Using calibrated compasses, protractors, and markers lets you lay out pipe, joints, or laterals quickly and easily, ensuring your final product won't have leaks. You'll waste fewer materials when cutting, and you'll save time during the preparation stage.
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