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Label Maker Tapes & Printer Labels

Keep your office supplies organized and easy to locate by using convenient, high-performance label maker tapes. Choose from a variety of tape styles from trusted brands such as Brother, Dymo, and Casio. Use various colors and widths of label maker tapes for various office applications.

Varied Sizes
These label maker tapes come in a wide range of sizes, so you can find the perfect option for any project. Choose 1/4-inch tape for small areas, including file folder tabs or supply boxes. For large packages, shelf signs, or file drawers, select tape that is 1-inch wide or larger. Label tape is available in continuous rolls and die-cut shapes to give you maximum design freedom.

Multiple Colors
Make your labels stand out with colored label maker tapes. If you need to spot labels on a large package or in a cluttered desk drawer, choose bright yellow label tape. White tapes provide the highest contrast level with black text, ensuring visibility and readability. Clear tapes keep the focus on the text and enable you to create a streamlined look.

Strong Adhesive
Many label maker tapes are backed with high-strength adhesive that stays securely in place on both smooth and rough substrates. General-purpose adhesives are appropriate for mailing and in-office use. When you are labeling products for use in environments with dramatic temperature changes or on tough surfaces, choose heavy-duty label tapes with extra-strength adhesives.

High-Contrast Printing
These label maker tapes are engineered for use in specific models, makes, and types of label makers, ensuring accurate performance. Many tapes are designed to work with thermal printing processes to create crisp bar code edges and readable text.

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