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Deodorants and antiperspirants help guests feel fresh and comfortable. A range of roll-ons and sprays offers each individual their personal preference, while natural brands soothe those with sensitive skin. Choose from convenient travel sizes and bulk packs to save money.

Help Guests Feel Fresh
Show your guests that their needs are attended to by offering this daily essential in the toiletry kit at your hotel, spa, gym, or hospital. Small travel sizes let you pamper guests without wasting money, all while making them feel comfortable. Anticipate your guests' needs by including deodorant in places where they need it most, such as bathrooms, workout rooms, and saunas.

Offer Choices to Put Customers at Ease
Most people have deodorant preferences as part of their routine, so stock a variety to please all types, including roll-ons and aerosols. Some prefer an antiperspirant, which prevents sweating, while others may rely on deodorants, which don't stop sweat but kill the bacteria that causes bad odor. If it is impractical to include every type among your toiletries, consider storing additional options behind the counter and invite guests to peruse your selection with a note in each kit.

Soothe Sensitive Skin
If your clientele includes individuals with sensitive skin or a penchant for organic products, try including brands containing no aluminum chlorohydrate or heavy fragrances. These gentler products rely on natural ingredients to reduce odor, from plants to mineral salts, so they are less likely to trigger skin allergies or fragrance sensitivities. Natural deodorants are especially appreciated in environments where health is a key concern, such as hospitals and spas.

Save Money
Buying in bulk adds up to big savings in the long run. By purchasing travel sizes in large quantities, you can keep costs low while ensuring a stocked supply closet so that staff always has the essentials on hand. Antiperspirants do come with an expiration date, but most last for 2 to 3 years, making it possible for even very small businesses to stock large supplies.

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