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Flooring is vital when designing a room in your business, and the right color can make a huge difference. Choosing one that's appropriate for your business may also mean finding nonslip floors or utilizing hardwood floors. Tiles can add a contemporary and clean look to a modern office.

Hardwood Floors For Elegance
Dark hardwood floors can look great in a well-lit room as they add a sense of old-fashioned style to the decor. Choose them for executive offices where a sense of gravity and age is preferred and where people can feel comfortable resting or talking about their affairs. Pair it with darker walls and colors to create a cozy sense of confidence.

Durable and Robust
Lighter hardwood floors are ideal for creating a light and airy feel to a larger office while still providing a sense of style. Choose oak, birch, or a lighter hickory and pair it with light walls to create a sense of openness. Lighter rooms are ideal for cafes and offices, as they encourage people to chat and relax.

Tile Your Restroom  
Tiles are suited for restroom areas and kitchens where spillages are almost inevitable. They can be cleaned rapidly using strong detergents, and they won't retain odors or stains. Use cleaning chemicals to keep them sanitary.  

Affordable and Durable
Pine is the staple of wooden floors as it's typically affordable and available in bulk quantities. Use it for floors where quick cleanup may be needed and where damage may occur moderately regularly, such as in classroom floors. It can also be used as a precursor to laying a rug or a carpet with an appropriate nonslip rug.
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