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A handy solution for use in homes,schools and offices, single-serving salt packets are easy to carry, store and display. Adding spices andcondiments, especially light or low-fat varieties, is one of the easiest ways to boost the flavor and texture of anymeal without adding extra calories. Easy-to-tear condiment packets containing salt, sugar, mayonnaise or mustard areespecially useful in busy work environments, as they conveniently add flavor toon-the-go breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Adequate Portions
Individual salt packets deliver a sufficient amount of sodium formost meals in a convenient and clean manner. Condimentpackets improve the taste of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and otherfoods, and they come in convenient single servings. Some of the bestcondiments brands offer organic versions of their mustard, relishesand other flavor-boosting products; these items are made in a way thatminimizes exposure to harmful fertilizers, artificial additives and syntheticpesticides.

Instant Taste Improvement
Small enough to carry in a lunch bag or stock in a desk drawer, single-use salt packets deliver instant flavor and are suitable for use in a rangeof environments. Designed for space-conscious convenience, condimentpackets containing common seasonings such as pepper, barbecue sauce,mustard, soy sauce or chili sauce provide a quick way to improve the taste ofmeals and enhance the flavor of bland dishes. The best condiments improve the flavor of food without overpowering the meal or adding too manyextra calories or grams of fat.

Economical Solution
Many condiments come in convenient single-serving packages. Ordering saltpackets in bulk is an economical way to stock up on a basicflavor-improving product. A budget-friendly solution for restaurants, schoolcafeterias, nursing homes and office break rooms, single-portion condimentpackets save money and time by eliminating the need to frequentlyreplenish salt, pepper and sugar dispensers. Staples' condiments forsale include large cases designed for food service use and small shakersets ideal for daily use at home.

Let guests add their own personalized twist to their food by offering a wideassortment of condiment packets. This gives everyone the opportunity tomake their meals fit their flavor and health profiles, offering you savings andconvenience.
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