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Sugar & Sweeteners

Enjoy a rich cup of coffee or tea using flavorful coffee creamer, sugar, and sweeteners that come in a variety of dairy and non-dairy options. You can sweeten your mug with sugar, honey, flavored creamer, or half-and-half that all are offered in affordable, convenient containers for the home or office.

Sweet and Savory Customization
Whether you prefer a dash of sugar or flavored creamer with your coffee or tea, the cream, sugar, and sweeteners customize your beverage every time. Add a packet of sugar and a dash of cream for a traditional cup of coffee, or pour in a sweet coffee creamer, like Coffee-mate, to transform your beverage into a tasty delight. You can choose from cinnamon, vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate flavors that offer a creamy texture to give you the best cup of coffee every time.  If you want all of the sweetness without the calories, zero-calorie options from Stevia leaves deliver a refreshing sweetness to your morning jolt.
Expansive Variety
Dozens of dairy and non-dairy creamer options are available to fit into your busy lifestyle, and brands like Coffee-mate and International Delight offer plenty of flavors to choose from. Non-dairy creamers come in liquid or powder forms ideal for offices without a refrigerator. Lactose intolerant people can enjoy the same delicious beverage as milk lovers with a variety of lactose-free options in cream, sugar, and sweeteners. Keep several sweeteners on hand that appease every lifestyle. Sugar-free sweeteners, real sugar, and artificial sweeteners work well for everybody at home and in the office.

Portable Containers
Coffee creamer, sugar, and sweeteners come in portable packages perfect for on the go and easy storage. Sweeteners come in individual packets or in a container with a pump for added value. You can quickly sweeten your beverage and cut down on the time it takes to perfect your morning coffee. Creamers come in traditional canisters, containers, and self-serve pods for added efficiency.
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