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Bags and travel accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most are exceptionally durable and versatile. Many bags are designed either for form or function, but some combine both for added protection and style. These tools are invaluable for the road warrior and frequent flier alike.

Stylish Looks
Messenger bags and tote bags often feature high-quality leather construction that looks great and lasts for quite some time. Stylish bags help show your interest in high fashion while giving you the ability to tote along many of the things you need on a daily basis. Some courier-style bags also have room for books and ledgers or other business-related items.

Safe Travels
Many travel accessories help ensure safety and prevent loss or theft. Add TSA-friendly locks to your bags to protect them during long flights with multiple stops. To help keep yourself safe and healthy on the go, try a high-quality first-aid kit with many of the things you need to respond to the unexpected.

Toting Electronics
Specialized electronics bags help keep your tablet, laptop, or netbook safe from the elements. These bags often feature padding to prevent accidental drops or bumps from damaging their contents. Many such bags also have shoulder or back straps to make it even easier to move sensitive electronics.

Oversized Loads
Sports bags and duffel bags help you carry large and heavy items with you when you travel. Use them to stow away your workout gear when you're on a long trip, or keep an unpacked duffel for holding dirty clothes on the return. Many oversized bags come with wheels for even easier handling.


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