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Laptop Locks & Lights

Keep your small electronics safe from theft and damage or increase the brightness in your work area using laptop locks and lights. Locks secure your tablet, laptop, and other small electronics to stationary surfaces. Lights provide extra illumination while you work, making documents easier to read.

Portable Solutions
Portable laptop locks and lights plug right into your computer's ports, making connectivity simple. These lightweight locks store right inside your bag or briefcase, allowing you to reduce the risk of theft while you're working at remote locations. Small lights that connect to your device's USB port offer a ready-made solution for situations when you need to access written material while using your tablet or laptop in a dim location.

Innovative Options
Choose innovative laptop locks and lights that use advanced technology to your benefit. Locks with retina-scan capabilities ensure attached equipment stays put. Get a high level of illumination from just a tiny bit of power by choosing lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs. These lights won't cause system lag, allowing you to work at the same speed as always.

Bundled for Convenience
Select bundled security solutions including laptop locks for equipment in your retail establishment. POS stands that feature locking tablet enclosures help prevent theft and tampering. You can also use these options to keep small electronics display models safe while allowing customers to get a feel for the operation and size of each unit. Some of these stands also feature a handy swivel, making them perfect for use in inventory tracking and scanning areas, such as warehouse and factory floors or retail storerooms.

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