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Laser Pointers & Remotes

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Control your next presentation with the press of a button when you add laser pointers and remotes to your multimedia setup. Easy-to-use features and convenient designs allow for hassle-free operation as you present your reports and figures to colleagues and clients.

Multiple Uses
Many laser pointers & remotes offer more than one feature, giving you multiple uses that can help you to create a powerful presentation effortlessly. Mouse controls, volume buttons, and power options allow you to control the visual and audio components of your presentation, while the laser pointers let you highlight key ideas and takeaways for your audience. These tools can be used when presenting ideas to one person or 1,000 people, making them a great addition to your office.

Added Mobility
Wireless laser pointers & remotes let you move freely throughout the room as you present your thoughts and ideas. Instead of being tethered to one of your company's lecterns and PA systems, you can control your slide show, video, or other presentation from anywhere in the room. USB compatibility and RF connections give your handheld devices the ability to travel with you in your conference room. This also lets you turn over control of the visual portion of any meeting, freeing you up to focus on the information being presented.

Comfortable Gripping
With ergonomic features and lightweight designs, laser pointers & remotes make it easy to keep your hands comfortable, even during long presentations. Rubberized grips, streamlined designs, and wrist straps all add to the comfort and ease of use for these handy presentation tools. Many remotes have large buttons that are easy to locate, allowing for convenient operation in darker rooms.

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