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File Cabinets

Filing cabinets help keep documents organized in the home and office. They come in multiple sizes, with two or more drawers to suit various needs, and have a wide range of features for increased versatility. Shoppers will find that Staples carries several models from top brands including Office Designs, HON and Bisley.

Consider the Available Space
When shopping for filing cabinets, it's essential to consider the amount of space available. Small offices can benefit from a model with a vertical orientation and a narrow design to conserve floor space. Lateral cabinets have a wider design which accommodates files in a horizontal layout, putting all of the documents within your view at once.

Choose From Several Colors and Sizes
Filing cabinets come in different materials including wood and metal, and in different colors. Wood cabinets can be natural or stained to achieve different colors that coordinate with office and home decor. Those made of metal often come in black, tan or gray, though it's possible to find other colors. They also come in a wide array of sizes, ranging from models with two drawers to those with 10. Some have a utility drawer or an open shelf at the top to store smaller accessories such as labels, pens and notepads.

Protect Sensitive Documents With Filing Cabinets That Lock
Classified documents or those that contain sensitive information require extra precautionary measures to keep information safeguarded. Many filing cabinets come with locks to offer peace of mind. Key locks work in two different ways: some have a single mechanism that locks the entire unit, while others have a lock on each drawer. Others have a double-sided mechanism that drastically reduces tampering.

Do Filing Cabinets Come With Safety Features?
Yes, many cabinets have safety features. Some have a counterweight that helps keep the unit balanced when opening drawers, while others have an interlock system that prevents multiple drawers from being opened at once. Stops keep the unit from coming off the rails and leveling guides work to keep the cabinet stable on an uneven floor surface. Welded construction adds to the durability of the unit, even after years of use.

What Kind of Features Should You Look for in a Cabinet?
The features you'll need depend on the unit's intended use. Those used at home, for instance, usually require less security than those in a human resources or accounting office where sensitive information is the norm. Some have caster wheels that make them easy to maneuver, which is a good idea if you work at different stations and need access to specific documents. Ball-bearing suspensions ensure that drawers open quietly and file rails help separate files in an organized manner.

Why Should You Shop for Filing Cabinets Online?
Shopping online gives you a wide array of choices and the ability to compare models and the features they have. You can also choose to order in bulk to outfit a new office or find a model that's not available in stores. Most orders arrive within a few days, directly to a specified location. Some are already assembled, and you can order any extra accessories you need at the same time.
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