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Laundry Room

Convenient and Space ConsciousUse these laundry room supplies to make the clothes-cleaning process go by quickly. The pieces are designed with space in mind, so you can store them easily. Whether you have a dedicated laundry area or you're dealing with a small apartment, you'll find a product that will make laundry day easier.

Many of these laundry room products are designed with an eye toward style, so they complement your home decor. For easy coordination in your bathroom or laundry area, choose a laundry set that includes a matching hamper, a supply basket, and organizing bins. Reduce clutter in your home by opting for sorters and organizers with lids.

Easy Organization
Don't hunt around the house for dirty clothing—keep items in one place with convenient laundry room organizers. Choose a sorter with multiple compartments to separate your white, dark, and colored clothing. Or, opt for a sports-themed hamper to encourage your children to keep their rooms neat and tidy. Keep your clothes clean and refreshed with a wide selection of laundry care products.

Safe and Efficient
Treat your delicate clothes with care by adding a drying rack to your laundry space. Many models fold down when not in use, so you can slide them next to the washing machine to free up floor space. Or, choose a wall-mounted, retractable clothesline for maximum efficiency.

For a college student or traveling professional, consider a lightweight laundry bag that folds up for easy transportation. If you live in a small space, look into convenient collapsible air dryers and miniature ironing boards. For the ultimate in laundry efficiency, choose a laundry center that combines an ironing board, a work top, a hamper, and a rack into one compact unit.


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