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Layout Fluids

Use layout fluids to design metal work with a variety of glare-reduced colors. Aerosol layout fluids apply thin layers of color to metal, drying quickly and leaving a flake-free finish that resists harsh solvents and creates easy-to-cut lines. Make fast templates that work.

Chemical Resistance
Since these layout fluids are resistant to solvents and other metal work chemicals, your finished design is well-protected from accidental chemical damage. These colors are resistant to dissolving and flaking, keeping your creation safe from everything from normal wear-and-tear to accidental spills. Strong lines that are still erasable by layout fluid removers if you make a mistake or need to change your designs make creating new works simple.

Professional Finish
Use a layout fluid to create a thin, flexible color resistant to chipping or breakage. Create lasting designs that are consistent and uniform. This aerosol fluid allows you to create clean, sharp lines with ease, and the low-glare finish reduces eye-strain, so you can clearly see what and where you need to cut. Layout fluids are an effective solution when you need to make clear, recognizable marks on sheet metal as you design your project.

Easy Application
Aerosol layout fluids are easy to apply and dry rapidly. The high-quality finish applies quickly by spraying the product directly on the metal surface you want to color, instantly creating crisp lines that are visually comfortable and easy to identify. Templates drawn by layout fluids are a quick and effective part of a safe and smart metal project. Safely do metal work by choosing a simple solution for drawing lines on sheet metal and wearing protective work wear during all your metal work projects.

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Nissen® Blue Layout Fluid, Aerosol Can
Item : 705978 / Model : 436-00606
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  • Container type: Aerosol can
  • Color: Blue
  • Will not chip, peel, or rub-off
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