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Mechanical Pencil Lead

Replenish most types of mechanical pencils with lead refills from Staples! Available in a variety of thicknesses, these lead refills can be used in most types of mechanical pencils. Save money by reusing pencils instead of purchasing new ones. The multitude of lead types lets you customize your mechanical pencil to your specific needs.

Money Saver
Most lead refills by brands such as Pentel and Paper Mate come with a dozen or more sticks of lead in each package. At only a few dollars per package, these packs of lead will save you a significant amount of money compared to purchasing a pack of regular pencils.

Customize Your Pencil
From .5 mm to 1.3 mm, the lead refills come in an assortment of diameters, so you can fill your mechanical pencils with the lead needed for your project. Use a 1.3 mm lead to take tests requiring a No. 2 pencil, or use a marking lead to make marks on glass, metal, or glazed surfaces.

These lead refills come in containers for easy transport. The cases also protect the leads and prevent breaking.
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