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Mechanical Pencil Lead

Choose from a wide selection of mechanical pencils and lead refills designed for tasks from drafting to school work. Find everything from mechanical drafting pencils for the professional to cheap mechanical pencils for the office stockroom. Staples offers inexpensive solutions from all the top brands, including Paper Mate, Pentel and Staedtler. There are a variety of thickness, hardness and color options available to turn any project into an easy task. Whether you're looking for the correct writing tool or to stock a supply cabinet, Staples has it covered.

Broad Selection

Staples' assortment of mechanical pencils and accessories includes classic drafting, marking and writing instruments in a multitude of styles to fit the need of any project. Select from a large catalog of the best mechanical pencils for both home and professional use. Numerous lead refills are available in an array of sizes and styles to fit any stylus, so users are sure to find something for every application. Staples offers refills ranging from very thin for a light touch to 2HB for test taking. Pencils that accept thin lead sizes like 0.5mm are ideally suited for fine details, while the 2.0mm lead options are preferred for robustness and balance in the hand.

Tremendous Value

Staples carries the best mechanical pencils at affordable prices. Mechanical pencils make it easy to change out the lead type to meet specific needs and preferences. Customize a favorite with lead refills available in quantities to suit any budget, which helps to save substantial time and money. A refillable option allows a user to maintain a favorite pencil for longer periods of time. Replenish supplies with packs of 12 through 100 or more to enjoy even bigger savings. With polymer and graphite leads that last longer and stretch further, there will always be a pencil ready to design the next masterpiece or take notes on the fly.

Trusted Brands

Offering brands trusted to deliver quality, such as Paper Mate, BIC, Sanford, Staedtler and many others, Staples is a one-stop shop for writing supplies, the best mechanical pencils and lead refills. Multiple lead color options are also available, such as black and red. Easily select the correct tool for the job, no matter what the budget or situation, with so many mechanical pencils to choose from.

Less Breakage

One of the top reasons to buy office supplies from Staples is the extremely large collection of everything from cheap mechanical pencils to the finest mechanical drafting pencils at prices to please any budget. Choose from a variety of lead refills that come in plastic containers for protection against breaking. The cases allow for safe and reliable portability and also make it easy to change out lead when on the go.
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