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Mechanical Pencil Lead

Lead refills come in a variety of thicknesses and can be used with almost any type of mechanical pencil. Instead of buying new pencils, purchase refills as a budget-wise and convenient writing option. Staples has dozens of brands for users to choose from like BIC, Pentel and Paper Mate. The many different styles and looks let users customize mechanical writing tools to fit their various needs.

Save Money
Staples carries abundant lead refill brands that are sold in economical packs. These packs come with a sizeable amount of mechanical pencil lead to ensure your stocks are kept at a high level at all times. Some brands sold by Staples come with over 100 leads in one pack, which is optimal for students and office personnel. Most consumers find that opting for the best mechanical pencils over traditional wooden models saves a significant amount of money by comparison.

Easy to Customize
Staples offers lead refills in a variety of diameters, dimensions and hardness ratings. Choose from basic black or granite gray. Lead diameters span across a broad range. For example, a 1.3 millimeter lead works well for standardized test taking as it allows for less breakage, is resilient and sports a high density. Almost all lead strands will last as long as a number two pencil. Whether looking for lead refills for the home office or to tote to school, Staples has customizable options.

Portable Cases
When it comes to transporting your mechanical pencil lead, Staples carries products that make it convenient. Most refill packs come in plastic containers secured by small lids. These containers keep lead from breaking and sliding around the inside of a backpack or desk. Portable cases come in all sorts of sizes depending on the type of brand a user chooses.

Environmentally Safe
Find numerous mechanical pencils and leads at Staples that are constructed from earth-friendly materials such as hi-polymer. This material is not only biodegradable but it writes just as well as any other lead. Environmentally-safe lead refills come in an array of hardness ratings, such as medium, very soft and fine. Each refill is encased in a handy container that both protects and preserves the lead.

Numerous Lead Types
Staples has some common types of lead, such as drafting, marking and pencil. Drafting lead is usually 0.7 millimeter in size, medium hardness and comes in a variety of pack sizes. Marking lead comes in a variety of styles and is usually available in very soft, very hard and medium-hardness gradings. Pencil lead refills come in a large variety of styles and let users keep writing and drawing with their favorite pencils. The best mechanical pencils can be found at Staples because there are models made to fit the needs of everyone.
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