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PA Systems & Accessories

Use lecterns and PA systems to capture and guide audience attention. Ensure that your voice is heard by everyone in the room with efficient PA systems, and organize your materials at a podium or lectern. Portable PA systems and lecterns let you bring your presentation anywhere and make sure you have comfortable, portable seating for your entire audience with our selection of foldable stacking chairs.

Focus Audience Attention
Ensure that the focus stays on the speaker during any presentation or lecture with lecterns and PA systems that give the audience a visual cue where to look. Lecterns with wheels and easy-to-move tabletop lecterns let you aim the focus anywhere in the room, while units with plenty of shelves let you keep computing and multimedia equipment on hand throughout your presentation.

Spread Your Message
Ensure that every audience member can hear you clearly with lecterns and PA systems designed to spread the sound of your voice to every area of the room. Lecterns with built-in amplifiers, microphones, and speakers help speed up preparation time, while portable PA systems with handheld wireless microphones let you customize setup and freely move throughout the stage or among the audience while speaking. Install extra wall-mounted speakers around the room to deliver high-quality audio to separate sections of a larger meeting hall.

Add Accessories to Your Presentation
Megaphones and microphones expand the capabilities of your lecterns and PA systems, giving you more options for creating a powerful presentation. Lectern covers keep your equipment protected when not in use, and timers make it easy to keep speakers on track. If your presentation is inside and you need other areas of your home, building or office to be free of noise and distraction, even during a presentation, consider our office partitions & dividers for privacy.
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