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Desk Lamps

Keep your office, home, or dorm room well lit and stylish with these table, desk, and floor lamps. They are available in multiple sizes and designs to fit your the decor of your favorite rooms and spaces. You can also choose from a large selection of environmentally friendly and low-energy options.

Choose from many types of lamps that will fit into your room, including desk lamps with a modern look, something classic such as a banker's lamp in brass, or a piano lamp. Most of the desk lamps are adjustable so that you can have them as close to or as far from the desk as you want. The floor lamps also offer adjustments so that you can get the light just where you need it.

Energy Saving
For those who are environmentally conscious, LED lighting is available in many of the models. Some of them also come with long life light bulbs, so you save on bulb replacement costs.

The desktop lamps are easy to transport wherever you might need to go, and the floor lamps often come apart so that you can take them with you as well. Lightweight lamps are available to make the job of getting them to where you want them easier.

Many of the available desktop and floor lamps come with a 1-year warranty against defects for your peace of mind. This can be a real plus point if there is a manufacturing problem with your lamp and you need to get it repaired or have it replaced with a new one.

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