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Letter Openers

Letter openers come in both standalone and handheld designs. Both designs are equally adept at freeing documents without damaging key text on letters. A powerful letter opener can open thousands of letters per hour or make quick work of an otherwise tricky padded envelopes.

Quick Opening
Letter openers make opening large numbers of letters easy. Just slide the envelope through the opener or vice versa to free your mail without spending undue time or getting paper cuts.

Precise Cutting
Openers feature carefully measured blades and often have slots that align envelope edges for even greater precision cuts. If you need precision tools for aligning text on an envelope or deciphering return addresses, check out magnifiers.

Preserve Envelopes
Stamp collectors aren't the only ones who want to preserve envelopes. A clean cut letter opener allows your business to store the envelope without damaging key text and to retain the information on exactly when and where it originated.
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