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Life Vests

Life vests and flotation devices provide protection from drowning for swimmers, boaters, and water sports participants, both on and off the water. Adjustable, lightweight vests keep people safe without hindering mobility. Bright colors at the shoulder keep swimmers visible for increased safety.

Multipurpose Water Safety
Keep a supply of life vests near your waterfront to provide protection for children, spectators, and hikers with minimal swimming skills and for those participating in boating or water sport activities. Bright colors help life guards keep an eye on swimmers and are easy to see in rescue situations. Choose life vests with a high buoyancy level to support a variety of weights for the benefit of all your guests.

Increased Mobility
Lightweight life vests are comfortable to wear to encourage compliance with your life vest rules. Life vests constructed from stretchable, rapid-drying fabrics make a nice addition to your water recreation supplies to protect visitors during water sports without reducing their mobility. Choose life vests with less bulk for a snug fit that allows easy movement.

Universal Sizing
Dual sizing on some models allows a single life vest to fit a wide variety of body sizes, so you can fewer vests to meet the needs of diverse clientele. Stretchable fabric and multiple adjustable straps improve the fit of the vests for better protection and comfort.

Long Lasting
Life vests made from durable fabrics and sturdy floatation foam provide years of use. Fast-drying materials help prevent mold and mildew to improve longevity, and rugged buckles and strong webbing stand up to active use during sports with minimal wear.

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