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Lifts are a useful tool for health professionals whose patients cannot rise from a bed, sit down, or stand up unaided. Convey your patients between beds, chairs, and rest positions using a lift's wide body cradles and slings. These lifts are able to hoist patients of all sizes.

Assists Standing
Opt for a stand-assist lift if your patient requires help standing up, sitting down, or moving between a wheelchair and a commode. A non-skid foot pad prevents slipping, while padded, adjustable straps keep legs secure during the actual lifting. Attachments allow you to fit the most appropriate sling to the lift. Help your patient stand and sit without fear of injury to them or to your back and shoulders.

Lifts A Whole Body
When you need to move a patient from any stationary position, choose lifts with body cradles. These typically have cradles with four- or six-point sling attachments to secure patients in either an upright position or horizontally. Sling attachments rotate, allowing you to approach from the side for bed-to-chair transfer or from the front for a chair-to-bed transfer. Lifts remain steady on sturdy base legs. Lifting capacities range from 400 to 600 pounds.

Rechargeable Battery-Powered
Harness the power of electricity, keep your patient comfortable, and exert less of your own energy with motorized lifts. Emergency stop buttons ensure you're able to halt the process at any time to reposition your patient or readjust straps and chains. Charge the batteries in either a separate wall-mounted bracket or by plugging in the lift itself.

Lifts Smoothly
With hydraulic lifts, you elevate your patient in the sling by hand-cranking a lever. This gives you and your patient the benefit of a timely, safe transfer.

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