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Lip Balm

Lip Balm- Softer LipsLip balms made with natural ingredients make it easy to get silky smooth lips. Protect your delicate lips from harsh environments and weather by using moisturizing and flavored lip balm.ProtectiveLip balm reduces the development of chapped or cracked lips and broken skin from bad weather, especially during winter when the humidity is low. These lip balms combine breathability for the skin on your lips with coverage by providing a thin layer of protective ingredients. Natural IngredientsPetroleum-free lip balms offer you a natural way to care for your lips. Lip balms made with ingredients such as natural oils, beeswax and shea butter, and formulated without latex or petrochemicals help soothe your lips without a drying effect. Natural lip balms reduce the chance of triggering allergic reactions to harsh chemical ingredients. Moisturizing and SoothingChoose lip balms made with menthyl lactate that soothe damaged skin on your lips through a cooling sensation. Instantly rejuvenate your lips with lip balms containing essential fatty acids that nourish dry and irritated skin. Lip balms containing shea butter offer moisturizing benefits throughout the day without leaving a thick film or a greasy feeling. Use skin protectants along with lip balm to promote skin elasticity and health by moisturizing consistently and often. On the GoConveniently packaged in small tubes, lip balms provide your lips relief from the damaging effects of the sun and wind anywhere you go. Easily take these lip balms with you to work, to school, or around the house by simply dropping a tube into your pocket or purse. These tubes come with tight-fitting caps and are twist-style to reduce messy application and seeping of the contents during hot weather.


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