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Livescribe Pens

Convert your handwritten notes into an easily accessible digital format with these convenient Livescribe pens and notebooks. Whether you are at a meeting or in your office, each item helps you keep a lasting record of your thoughts. Choose from pens, notebooks, and pen refills.

Accurate Data Capture
Each of these Livescribe pens is outfitted with a small, embedded infrared camera that records every movement you make so your notes are automatically captured in digital form. At the same time, the pens capture simultaneous audio for increased accuracy during interviews or meetings. The written and audio information enables you to check your notes and verify facts at a later date, making them ideal for legal proceedings, journalism interviews, or meetings with clients.

Easy Data Transfer
All Livescribe pens come with convenient features that enable quick and easy data transfer. Echo models plug into your computer with the included USB cable to transfer information without an Internet connection. For faster data capture, opt for a Wi-Fi-enabled model that instantly sends recorded information to a mobile app on your or smartphone. Once your notes are transferred to your device, they are available at any time.

Convenient Accessories
Get the most out of your Livescribe pens with convenient accessories such as carrying cases and ink refills. Use the pens with specially designed Livescribe dot paper to ensure the most accurate data capture of text and images. Go longer between orders with a notebook multipack. If you're just getting started with Livescribe, choose a pro pack that includes everything you need to start recording notes.
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