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Locking Systems

Locking systems keep important documents and items safe from unwanted access or prying eyes. These systems can also help prevent accidents by locking away unsafe areas or locking down potentially hazardous systems. Many simple padlocks work on a variety of different systems.

Keep Out Intruders
Locking systems designed to help keep out unauthorized personnel can help ensure the safety of sensitive documents or business secrets. These locks may include keypad or similar access options that do not require a key. Padlocks are commonly used to keep doors closed and prevent drawers from opening. Protect Shoppers Modern locking systems can also help keep customers from wandering into unsafe areas. Some systems employ bar and padlock combinations to prevent doors or access panels from opening. Protect shoppers from accessing power transformer locations and other hazardous spaces in your workplace with locks designed to prevent tampering or bypass.

Keep Tools Safe
Locking systems designed to work with toolboxes or cabinets can help keep your work equipment safely in place at all times. Valuable high-quality tools are often expensive to replace, and keeping a padlock or similar system on the box can help prevent accidental damage or loss to important equipment. For long-term storage and protection against the elements, turn to safety storage cabinets and safes.

Total Lockdown Solutions
Many complete locking systems are designed to fit on large pieces of machinery to create a total lockdown. Total lockdown systems keep mechanical parts from moving and can trigger fail-safe options that help prevent unauthorized personnel from activating potentially dangerous or sensitive equipment. Many total lockdown systems feature warnings announcing the danger of attempting to circumvent the locks or operate the equipment without the locks in place; these can help prevent accidents in the workplace.


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