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Lotion & Moisturizer

Repair damaged and stressed skin with a wide array of nutritive lotions and creams designed to prevent moisture loss and add epidermal nutrients.

Avoid unnecessary friction on delicate areas with cleansing lotions that contain dimethicone for extra epidermal protection. Sprays allow you to moisturize as you clean, and relaxing scents leave behind a lingering feeling of freshness. Choose bath oils specially designed to aid sensitive skin for a soothing experience, or opt for a product filled with amino acids and antioxidants to repair and nourish your skin as you cleanse it.

Lotions with light scents are ideal for use in a massage room because they absorb quickly, leaving no sticky residue. Non-greasy, fragrance-free formulas relying on aloe vera and vitamin E help your skin retain its natural moisture, or choose lotions filled with lanolin and glycerin to replace the natural moisture lost due to frequent hand-washing in your medical clinic or classroom. Pick up some skin protectants for those times when your hands are likely to be exposed to harsh elements that can damage the skin.

Skin creams that avoid petrochemicals and mineral oil add nourishment to your skin through the use of botanicals and soothing natural emollients including carrageenan, liquorice root and oat kernels. Relieve damage caused by the inflammation, redness, and cracking that can come with overexposure of chemicals and the elements when you choose skin remedy creams designed to protect your hard-working skin. Soothing herbal body lotions make use of natural ingredients including tea tree oil, urea, canola oil, and Canadian willow herb to hydrate your dry skin and restore its natural balance.

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