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Mad Catz Computer Mice

Gaming on a computer requires rapid scrolling action and a high precision that only gaming mice can manage. Unlike a regular computer mouse, Mad Catz mice scroll faster, track better and have more function keys than simple left-click and right-click buttons. Mad Catz makes these gaming mice for PCs and Mac computers as well as mobile devices.

Mad Catz Mice and R.A.Ts

Mad Catz offers its line of gaming mice under the R.A.T brand as well as a specialty M.M.O tournament edition series for hardcore gamers. These are specialty mice with sleek, angular designs and sharp edges that make them easy to grip in the hand. They also have sturdy, lightweight shells with the high-end models boasting magnesium alloy chassis. Like a regular computer mouse, R.A.T mice are optical or laser pointing devices with scroll wheels and buttons. However, they are faster and more sensitive to movements. Furthermore, gamers can adjust their performances, map new functions to individual mouse keys and even swap out certain parts of the mice.

Mad Catz R.A.Ts include both wired and wireless gaming mice. Wired Mad Catz gaming mice connect to gaming rigs and laptops via USB cords, and gamers do not need to power them separately. With wireless gaming mice, on the other hand, gamers can avoid tangled wires and enjoy a greater degree of wrist movements during intensive gameplay. A wireless Mad Catz gaming mouse is just as fast and accurate as any of its wired models.

High-Precision Gaming

Gamers need mice with high DPI (dots per inch) for improved accuracy when moving characters or pointing weapons during gameplay. Gaming mice with high DPI not only improve efficiency but also provide smooth movements, especially when gaming on high-resolution computer displays. Even entry-level Mad Catz gaming mice high DPI values that are suitable for PC gaming. Mad Catz also offers mice with up to 8200 DPI for demanding games like first-person shooters and MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) as well as 4K displays. Gamers can adjust the sensitivity levels of these mice to suit their preferences.

In addition to DPI values, gamers can also change the functions for each of the buttons on these gaming mice. Each Mad Catz mouse has a set of programmable macro buttons that gamers can map out in different configurations to trigger specific in-game actions. Mad Catz provides a downloadable software for programming these buttons and changing the settings of their mice. In addition to software mapping, users can also change some of the physical characteristics of mice made by Mad Catz. For example, some Mad Catz gaming mice allow users to add and remove weights as well as change the length of the palm rest.

Office R.A.Ts

The precise cursor control and programmable buttons of Mad Catz gaming mice can also be useful for power users working with office and design software. By creating programmable shortcuts and assigning custom functions to certain buttons on a Mad Catz mouse, users can improve their productivity when working on documents created in Microsoft Excel, AutoCAD and Photoshop.

Although they look like gaming mice, Mad Catz Office R.A.T mice are smaller. These portable, wireless models can easily fit inside a laptop bag. Besides connecting to Windows PCs, the Office R.A.Ts also pair with Mac computers and Android tablets and smartphones.
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Mad Catz® G.L.I.D.E.7 MCB4381200A1/06/1 Gamming Surface Mouse Pad
Item : IM1NZ6769 / Model : MCB4381200A1/06/1
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  • Designed to maximize your performance and give you the competitive edge
  • Mouse movement on the G.L.I.D.E. 7 gaming surface is 18 percent smoother than gaming surfaces constructed from comparable materials
  • Measuring 150 percent larger than the average mouse pad, the XL surface area is ideal for all styles of mousing
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