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Reaching & Extending Aids

Get the help you need for easily reaching and safely doing household and work tasks with reaching and extending aids. These durable, easy-to-use tools make it easier to stay independent at home or on the go. Products are available to assist with a variety of mobility and range-of-motion needs.

Quality Materials and Design
All products are designed to last through repeated use. Materials such as steel, aluminum, and rubber provide durability while keeping the user comfortable. Ergonomic design supports natural use that is user-friendly.

Supports Independence
Stay independent by using these tools to accomplish more. These reaching aids allow you to get a hold of items that were impossible to reach before by increasing your own natural range of motion. Independently care for yourself more easily, remove or place something on a high shelf, and reach items while remaining comfortably seated. These items keep you independent and help you get more done every day.

Everyday Use
Many of these items have multiple uses. These are practical, thoughtful tools anyone can use around the house or in the office. Increase your safety while you reach and avoid harmful stretching or straining. People of all ages and with every range of motion can benefit from the help these simple devices provide every day. For other daily reaching activities, consider obtaining a stool or ladder to increase your level of safety.

Most devices can be customized to meet your specific needs. Adjust the length of a reach device and customize the grip with a rubber cylindrical tubing to customize your device to your own personal needs.

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