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Magazine Holders

Magazine holders are a smart storage solution for keeping literature organized. Whether you want to display travel brochures, product catalogs or student readers, there's a wall-mounted, desktop or freestanding rack to suit every need. Staples carries an extensive selection of magazine racks from companies like Charnstrom, Safco, and Woodland Imports.

Sturdy Magazine Holders Manufactured with Quality Materials

Choose from wood, plastic, wire mesh, corrugated cardboard and steel magazine holders. Available in a variety of sizes, decorative patterns and attractive colors, these handy displays blend in nicely with a variety of home and office decor. Most are ready to use out of the box or require minimal assembly with basic hardware.

Wall-Mounted and Freestanding Racks Neatly Display Literature

Ideal for waiting rooms and hotel lobbies, wall-mounted magazine racks easily showcase popular reading materials and informational pamphlets for patients and visitors to enjoy. Conveniently set out tourist maps, service catalogs and picture books on a rotating display that saves valuable shelf space.

With plenty of open slots for items such as puzzle books, sewing patterns and sheet music, a rotating display lets customers quickly find and purchase items and be on their way. A single pocket wall file is perfect for temporarily storing medical charts and important memos for the doctor.

Magazine Files and Organizers Sort Volumes of Catalogs and Books

Able to store more than just magazines, slotted organizers and desktop files work well for sorting inter-office mail, newsletters and business forms. Keep classroom workbooks sorted by grade level, or store answer keys together in one central location.

Beauty books, medical journals and annual reports can be archived and accessed more easily in a clearly-labeled filing system. Work orders, packing slips and informational fliers are always ready for distribution when sorted into a multi-compartment vertical mail sorter.

Mesh file racks allow for better visibility of the items stored inside. Kids and teens may find a brightly-colored file sorter helps to keep homework projects, game booklets and favorite books better organized on a desk instead of being scattered all over the floor.

A desktop presentation display is fantastic for protecting frequently-accessed multi-page documents like bakery catalogs, bike assembly instructions, paint color charts and favorite recipes. Some multi-slotted organizers feature adjustable shelving or a modular design that suits a variety of configurations.

Bins and Baskets are Decorative, Add Charm to a Space

For everyday magazine storage in the home, a decorative basket or caddy keeps reading materials and newspapers neatly stored next to a sofa, chair or bed. A leather magazine holder adds a sophisticated touch to an office, while a rustic style display basket brings country flair to a living room or entryway.

An enclosed antique-look magazine holder can discreetly stash favorite books while company visits. For those who enjoy spending time in the bathroom, a well-organized selection of reading materials can make long soaks in the tub more relaxing.

When it comes to optimally sorting and managing reading materials, Staples offers a wide range of options to suit any home or office's storage needs.
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