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Magnetic Particles

Use high-quality magnetic particles to perform concentrated, non-destructive testing for inconsistencies on or near the surface of ferromagnetic materials. Choose the product that's right for your needs from a broad selection of brands, including trusted names like Magnaflux and Magnaglo.

Highly Sensitive
Surface and near-surface defects are the most important kind of defects to locate, as they concentrate stresses in the material. Magnetic particle testing is highly sensitive and widely used to indicate fine imperfections and discontinuities on this level, making it vital for maintenance.

Immediate and Uncomplicated
If you require quick results, magnetic particle investigation is the way to go. Immediately and effectively identify any surface defects in your ferromagnetic materials without the need for elaborate pre-cleaning processes or complex testing methods. This avenue of testing is indispensable for a business that requires fast, uncomplicated, sharp results.

Adaptable for site or workshop use, magnetic particle testing is perfect for examining and maintaining ferromagnetic objects big or small, across a wide range of types and background colors. Whether you use a dry or wet system, there is a product designed to help keep you on top of imperfections in your materials. The choice of fluorescent or non-fluorescent particles and powders or ready-mixed particles means that you get to decide on the testing method that works best for you.

The wide range of surface and subsurface defects found by magnetic particle testing includes welding defects, grinding cracks, fatigue cracks, laps, quenching cracks, flakes, tears, seams, and shrink cracks. Used alongside quality oil grease fluids, and lubricants, magnetic particle investigation will ensure the high standard of maintenance that your workflow requires.

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