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Board Accessories

A main focal point in many classrooms as a part of their office supplies, a whiteboard helps to clearly convey and organize thoughts and information. For optimal performance, buy top-quality dry erase board accessories that extend the usefulness of every board.

In addition to Staples' own brand of products, there are dry erase board accessories by trusted companies like Expo, MasterVision, Ashley Productions and Quartet.

Markers Colorfully Make a Statement

Available in an extensive range of colors, specially formulated dry erase markers work with all types of whiteboards. Quick-drying ink resists smearing and produces very little odor for safe use in spaces large and small.

Whether in black, red or purple, information is cleanly and vividly written and displayed. Markers come in fine tip, chisel tip and bullet tip models to suit any writing style, and 2-in-1 pens offer two different colors in each marker, minimizing the need for multiple pens.

Retractable-style markers feature a handy cap-free design.

Dry Erase Board Accessories Enhance Whiteboard Usage

Decorative magnets and clips work well with magnetic whiteboards. Dry erase tape, data and calendar cards, line strips, numbers and letters can help organize data into columns for easy project management.

Die-cut educational designs brighten up a classroom as students learn about the alphabet, shapes, money, multiplication and more. A magnetic triangle helps you draw straighter lines at various angles, ideal for math classes and for drafting projects.

Erasable staff rolls make learning music more interactive and fun. Magnetic hooks, organizer pouches and pushpins can turn a whiteboard into a versatile bulletin board while an accessory tray neatly stores pens and erasers together.

Dry Erase Erasers for Every Personality

When it's time to clean a whiteboard, there are several types of erasers to choose from. Select a simple soft pile block eraser that works on a variety of surfaces or a more precision-oriented style with replaceable layered pads that conveniently tear off as needed.

A jumbo eraser is useful for quickly removing marks on a large area. Novelty magnetic erasers come in a variety of designs, and some can be attached to a board between uses. Whimsical animal prints and erasers with inspiring quotes add character to any class or boardroom and make a thoughtful gift for a teacher or busy project leader.

Cleaning Products Help Maintain a Workable Surface

Keep your whiteboard in top shape by regularly using liquid cleaners, soft cloths and cleaning wipes. Prepare the surface by erasing marks as well as possible, spray on a nontoxic whiteboard solution, then run a soft cloth or wet towel across the board to cleanly wipe away dirt, dust, grease and stubborn pen markings.

Pre-moistened disposable whiteboard wipes also work well and come in compact canisters that are always ready to go. Most cleaners have a low odor or come unscented, and some are made with environmentally friendly plant-based ingredients.

Cleaner and conditioner solutions help to restore a whiteboard's surface, ensuring many years of reliable use. Get the most out of whiteboards and work surfaces with accessories and cleaners from Staples.
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