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Magnetic Pickups & Retrieving Tools

When you drop a screw in an engine or need to get a ring out of a drain, you'll love having a magnetic pickup nearby. Retrieving tools make your life easier, and with this type of simple device, you'll be able to retrieve items from even the smallest spaces. Available in different lengths and sizes, magnetic pickups are ideal for your tool chest.

Longer Lengths
You might need flashlights to locate any items that have gone down the drain, but with long magnetic pickup tools, you'll be able to retrieve your belongings quickly and easily. The skinnier tools are ideal for drains and small spaces.

Additional Parts
If you need a stronger magnet, simply add it to your retrieving tool. Different sizes are available.

Flexible retrieving tools are great for any time you need to reach something at an angle. Whether you're trying to get something out of an electrical item or a pipe, you'll be able to access the areas you need to reach.
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