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Mailing & Mailroom

Use the right mailroom equipment to keep your office communications flowing. Choose mail sorters to organize incoming mail and carts that get packages and envelopes to their final destination. Utility knives and letter openers make it easy to open incoming packages and correspondence.

Increased Efficiency
The mailroom is a critical component of any busy company, and it needs the right supplies to keep communications moving. Whether you're an intern just learning the mailroom ropes or a busy administrative assistant taking care of the executives, supplies such as letter openers and utility knives make it easy to open incoming packages and envelopes. Use gel fingertip grips or rubber finger pads to quickly go through incoming letters and internal memos while keeping paper cuts at bay.

Easy Sorting
When mail and literature is properly sorted, it adds to office efficiency. Outfit your office with large literature sorters, so your salespeople can quickly find the marketing material they need and your human resources department can keep frequently used forms on hand. A desktop organizer is a great way to keep incoming and outgoing mail and working files efficiently arranged, while a large mail sorter that accommodates small or large envelopes is a must-have for every busy mailroom.

Mobile Functionality
Get incoming mail to its final destination with a durable mobile mail cart. Swivel casters make it easy to maneuver the cart through crowded office environments no matter how full the load. Mail carts have a limit on the number of folders they can hold and the amount of weight they can handle, so choose one that ensures the mailroom can service your office efficiently.


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