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Mailroom Equipment / Supplies

Mailroom Equipment and Supplies- Versatile and EfficientThe right mailroom equipment and supplies can have a dramatic effect on the overall efficiency of ingoing and outgoing mail in a center. Openers, organizers, moisturizers, and desiccants can all help ensure accurate and effective mail delivery throughout the company.Quickly Open Incoming MailMailroom equipment and supplies include tools that make it quick and easy for workers to access and sort mail. Box cutters and letter openers allow workers to quickly open and organize incoming bundles of mail or packages containing items and letters for multiple recipients in a business setting.Organize Packages and LettersMany mailroom equipment options simplify the process of organizing letters and packages for distribution throughout the company. Literature and mail sorters feature slots that workers can mark individually for different employees or departments in the business. These slots can often hold multiple small packages or business envelopes awaiting delivery.Effective Letter Handling and SealingMailroom equipment and supplies also include moisteners and finger pads that can help increase efficiency by ensuring that workers can easily seal and handle letters and envelopes. Finger pads deliver a high-tack surface that makes handling letters easier. Quickly sort through letters and memos using high-tack finger pads that greatly increase the traction of your own fingertips, and seal self-adhesive letters in a sanitary fashion with envelope moistener pens.Prevent Humidity BuildupModern mailroom equipment and supplies make it easy to ensure that outgoing mail or letters and packages kept for storage remain free of unwanted humidity. Silica packets and larger industrial-strength desiccants can help prevent damage from mold or mildew in small packages or large crates and shipping containers.


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