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Shipping Tags & Seals

Long-Lasting and Easy to UseShipping tags and seals allow you to easily mark individual items in a shipment. These tags remain firmly in place throughout the shipping process, ensuring they will be there when the item is received. This can simplify tracking and help confirm delivery.


Shipping tags and self-adhesive seals feature writable or printable areas that allow you to customize the information for the recipient or shipper. Use them to provide additional handling instructions to ensure safe delivery. Simple customization also allows you to add your company logo or other marketing materials to the shipping tag.

Easy Application

Shipping tags and labels typically tie onto or self-adhere to packages. This makes it easy to add customized information to shipping containers of many different shapes and sizes. When you need to ship items that do not easily fit standard dimensions, check out specialized mailers and tubes.

Simplified Tracking

Shipping tags also provide an excellent way to ensure that a delivery reaches the intended recipient. This is a great boon for shipping items to other parts of your organization or to business partners as it allows them to easily confirm delivery. Tie-on varieties of heavy-duty tags are best for this purpose, but recipients may also remove and collect self-adhesive seals after opening the items.

Effective Organization

The wide variety of available shapes and colors of shipping tags and seals makes it easy to organize shipments. Using different shapes or colors on boxes intended for different recipients, shipping companies, or trucks within the same company can cut down on much of the confusion associated with reading each customizable label. This saves time as shippers can more easily verify a label color or shape at a glance.

Browse our shipping tags today and explore the best selection to fit your needs.  Also be sure to stock up on related shipping supplies you know you'll use soon, like shipping and packing tape, packing peanuts and bubble wrap

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