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Markers, Pens and Pencils

Create hundreds of pages for your scrapbooks with markers, pens, and pencils. Available in a variety of different colors and tip sizes, the writing instruments are perfect for jotting down notes and doing work too. Choose the colors that work best for all of your projects.

Multiple Uses
Select the right size tips that work for any project or assignment that you have in mind. Use a fine point pencil or marker for taking down notes in school, doing projects at work, or writing in a journal. Thicker tips are perfect for scrapbook pages and arts and crafts projects.

Easily Find the Right Colors
Look through a wide range of colors to find the colors that are best for your projects. While you can find black markers, pens, and pencils, you can also find writing instruments in florescent shades of hot pink and lime green or paler shades of baby blue and sunny yellow.

Works on All Surfaces
Use markers, pens, and pencils on almost any type of writing surface, including scrapbook pages, cardboard, metal, and wood. Some markers feature a unique design that keeps the ink from bleeding through to the back of your paper. Use your favorite markers and other writing implements with stickers and embellishments to create fun and colorful scrapbook pages after taking a vacation or a special occasion.

Permanent Records
Create a permanent record of your life that your kids can one day show their own children and grandchildren. Look for permanent pens, markers, and pencils that let you write, draw, and create pages that you can slip into any type of scrapbook.

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