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Permanent or dry erase? Thick or thin? We have markers in every size and color so you'll find exactly what you need.

What's available?

    Permanent Markers
  • Most models mark on just about any surface
  • Fade-resistant inks are available in several point sizes and colors
  • Some models let you see the amount of ink remaining in the marker
  • Use vibrant colors for everything from marking banners to color coding files
  • Industrial sizes and strengths are available for heavy-duty use
    Dry-Erase/Wet-Erase Markers
  • Dry-erase markers are great for presentations and can be used on melamine dry-erase boards and glass
  • Bright, vivid, attention-grabbing colors are also available
  • Use wet-erase markers on overhead transparencies and erasable calendars and planners
    Specialty/Art Markers
  • Washable – Ink washes off skin and fabric, ideal for school use and children
  • Scented – A fun way to write, each color has a different fragrance
  • Gel – Work just like gel pens and are great for cards, memory books and albums
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