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Packing Tape

Secures Boxes and Mailers
Prepare boxes for transport with packing tape. Heavy-duty Scotch tape keeps your packages closed tightly while in transit, while duct tape from Staples secures boxes for storage. Handy tape dispensers make application simple and convenient.

Strong and Secure
Packing tape is strong enough to help build boxes, whether you're preparing items for shipment or packing personal belongings for a big move. Heavy-duty packaging tape offers incredible tensile strength, ensuring your boxes are sturdy enough for travel. Standard-grade vinyl tape is strong enough to keep shipping and mailing tubes and corrugated mailers secure during transit. Decorative shipping tape lets you add a personal touch to gifts and special client packages.

Multipack Convenience
Packing tape comes in multipacks to make restocking your supply closet simple and convenient. Choose an 18-pack of filament tape from 3M for extra security for your corrugated boxes, or select a 24-pack of carton vinyl tape from Intertape Industrial for boxing items in your warehouse.

Simple Dispensing
Packing tape dispensers make application easy and fast. Handheld dispensers from 3M are simple to load and allow incredible control in small warehouses or for home use. Select Duck tape that comes with its own dispenser for an added level of convenience. Mechanical dispensers from Better Pack offer extreme convenience in industrial or warehouse environments, allowing you to build and seal boxes quickly and uniformly.

Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally friendly packing tape helps your company go green. Eco-certified paper tape from Caremail allows you to seal recycled boxes, also available, for storage or shipping, so you can do even more for the environment.

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