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Staplers & Riveters

Staplers and riveters can help you tack and secure materials in a variety of jobs, from installing carpeting to upholstering furniture. Arrow and other manufactures offer a range of stapling and riveting tools, along with the accessories you need to make the most of your equipment. Pick a junior-sized or heavy-duty stapler or riveter that is appropriate for your project.

Jam Resistant
Staplers and riveters feature jam-resistant tacking mechanisms, so you don't have to worry about staples and rivets getting stuck in the gun. Keep your tacking equipment in good working order by using a tool box for storage.

Easy to Use
A convenient, hand-held design makes it easy to use staplers and riveters on flat surfaces or bulky objects. A squeeze of your hand is all that is needed to generate the force to eject staples and rivets into materials like wood or leather.

Convenient Packaging
Riveting tools are available in rivet tool kits, so you have the tool and a selection of supplies in a convenient carrying case. The case can go with you to remote jobs.
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