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Martha Stewart Discbound Accessories

Design a notebook that fits all of your files and pages with these convenient Martha Stewart Discbound accessories. Each accessory works with any Discbound product, so you can mix and match them to meet your needs. Choose from products such as expanders, dividers, and pockets.

Elegant Style
Crafted with effortless style, these Martha Stewart Discbound accessories inject an element of fun into everyday organization. Select products in a range of colors to add a pop of personality to your notebook, or choose subtle finishes for a more professional look. For large notebooks, use accessories in different colors to enable faster identification.

Easy Expansion
Choose an expander pack to increase the size of your Discbound notebook. Simply insert the expansion discs into your existing notebook to add space for additional pages. Each expander works with all Martha Stewart Discbound accessories for maximum versatility. Use it with a standard Discbound notebook or a specially designed Martha Stewart Discbound notebook.

Convenient Organization
Organization is a breeze with these Martha Stewart Discbound accessories. Use page dividers to mark the beginning of a new section; each one comes with tabs, so you can identify each category at a glance. Plastic pockets enable you to store loose sheets of paper and other small items without perforating them.

Flexible Design
With Martha Stewart Discbound accessories, there's no need to limit yourself to the confines of a pre-made notebook. Add or remove filler pages as needed to keep pace with your notes without creating unnecessary bulk. Many of these Discbound accessories are designed to be used page by page or as a group, giving you complete design flexibility.


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