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Martha Stewart Home Office Binders & Accessories

Use Martha Stewart home office binders and accessories to catalogue everything from memos and notes to calendars and sketches. The efficient ring system offers quick accessibility and lets you flip through pages with ease. Insert and remove pages as needed to expand your note-taking capacity.

Customized Contents
Tailor Martha Stewart home office binders and accessories for different tasks with endless combinations of interchangeable elements, such as filler paper and calendar inserts. A paper punch is all you need to make almost any document compatible with standard three-ring binders. Many of these options offer a slanted-ring design to provide a larger paper capacity, and their One Touch EZD format enables a smooth opening and closing motion without abrupt snapping.

Safe Document Coverage
Load your binders with sheet protectors to preserve the crisp presentation of important documents. Papers easily slide in and out of the pocket-style protectors when you're assembling last-minute reports. The transparent design makes portfolios and presentations clearly visible while protecting the pages from wrinkles and stains.

Speedy Organization
Maintain efficiency on demanding work days by making your file inventory easy to navigate. Whether you're managing a small collection of binders or an entire stockroom, using tab dividers helps you categorize information for speedy retrieval on the spot. Labeling file groups with identification details ensures all employees know where to return important documents.

Convenient Accessory Storage
Keep small accessories and writing instruments within reach during presentations, or bring spare office supplies to company conferences. Binder pouches are pre-formatted with hole-punched edges to fit comfortably in your three-ring binders, and their zippered closures prevent loose items from spillage. Choose clear products to make small objects easy to locate without a lengthy search.


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