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Martha Stewart Labels, Tags & Bands

Organize your office or kitchen using a variety of Martha Stewart labels, tags, and bands. A unified color palette lets you create a coordinated look in your kitchen, craft room, home office, garage, or storage room. Choose from removable, permanent, or rewritable labels.

Organize General Storage
Color code toys, holiday decorations, and storage bins with Martha Stewart labels that are especially designed to let pops of color catch your eye when you're searching for something in a garage, storage room, or child's closet. Removable labels make it easy for you to change your storage categorization system. Clothing labels that don't require ironing and waterproof labels for outdoor or sports storage allow you to handle specialty item storage with ease. Attach labels on elastic bands, or tie metal-rim tags to identify oddly shaped items or prepare goods for a silent auction.

Optimize Work Flow
Tackle that pile of papers with permanent file folder labels in bright colors that provide instant organization for your documents. Spread your new office organization to your desk with Martha Stewart Stack Fit desk accessories that coordinate the look of your office while giving you a place for all the little items that tend to clutter desks and credenzas. Seal envelopes, packages, and gift boxes with die-cut kraft or metallic labels that create a cohesive look for your packaging.

Unclutter Kitchen Supplies
Label your Mason jars, canisters, food storage containers, and kitchen cabinets with handy, removable kitchen labels. Choose from rewritable labels that let you jot down notes using dry-erase markers or chalk, knowing that you can always transfer the labels to new containers as needed.


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