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Martha Stewart No-Iron Clothing Labels

Martha Stewart No-Iron Clothing Labels- Write, Peel, and StickWith Martha Stewart no-iron clothing labels, never worry again about whose clothing is whose. These labels are permanent, capable of surviving repeated washing, and effective on most kinds of fabrics. With clothing labels, wondering just who owns what is a thing of the past.Convenient and ComfortableMartha Stewart clothing labels easily adhere to most fabrics without requiring the use of an iron. The clothing labels are simple to use, and they can be peeled and directly attached to clothing. The labels are just small enough to be inconspicuous when clothing is worn, yet still large enough to hold a name. The white clothing labels mean that the writing is more legible. These Martha Stewart labels work best with permanent markers. The clothing labels avoid the irritating feeling of traditional tags and can achieve the same purpose without the hassle.Clothing Labels Make Clothing EasyWith labels, any stray article of clothing can be easily returned to its proper owner. Arguments over who exactly that pair of pants belongs to are resolved just by looking at a tag. Sorting clothes on laundry day is no longer an arduous affair, as clothes are effectively pre-sorted. Martha Stewart no-iron clothing labels also match other Martha Stewart tags, which help organize the rest of the house just as well as clothing labels help clothing.Resilient and ReplaceableMartha Stewart no-iron clothing labels are guaranteed to survive at least 20 laundry cycles before needing replacement, and they can easily endure the normal wear and tear of use. When and if replacement is needed, labels are easily removable; just peel off the label and replace it. These clothing labels come in sheets, so replacement is never an issue.


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