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Martha Stewart Permanent Labels

Martha Stewart permanent labels feature long-lasting adhesives that remain in place for quite some time. These sturdy adhesives keep labels from slipping or peeling, even with regular use and handling. The labels work on surfaces ranging from boxes and paper products to glassware and metal boxes.

Retains Hold
Permanent labels from Martha Stewart remain in place and do not easily slide or peel. This means that labels placed are likely to hold their shape and contents for years of daily handling. The long-lasting adhesive makes the labels perfect for storing archival copies of documents or labeling recipes and containers likely to see plenty of use.

Simplify Organization
These permanent labels make it easy to organize collections of goods and materials anywhere in your home or office. Use them to sort sewing items in a work area or tools in a garage with equal simplicity. For organizing cooking containers and equipment, check out Martha Stewart Kitchen Labels.

Easy to Read
The permanent labels feature large writable spaces that accept printed text or written words with equal ease. The high contrast between the writable space and inks placed on the surface make them easy to read at a glance, saving you time and making it easy to find stored and organized goods. The easily legible surfaces also make the labels useful for organizing documents or folders in offices.

Effectively Match Shapes
Martha Stewart permanent labels come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, letting you match the labels to the task at hand. Pick round labels to add a touch of elegance to folders and envelopes, or choose rectangular labels for use with tabbed documents and letterheads.


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  • Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Weatherproof Labels

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    • White
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    • Labels are made of durable material that repels water and moisture
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