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Martha Stewart Stack & Fit Desk Accessories

Organize your work area, while keeping your most important documents and supplies close at hand, with Martha Stewart Stack Fit desk accessories. The Stack Fit collection of organizational tools present a coordinated, professional look throughout your work area.

Stackable Designs With Martha Stewart
Stack Fit desk accessories, it's easy to keep desks of all sizes tidy. Stackable designs lets you store paperwork and office supplies vertically, freeing up space at your workstation for other tasks. Stacking boxes can be tucked in drawers, placed on your desk top or used in supply closets, making them versatile additions to your office. The sturdy design of each piece ensures long-lasting durability, so you can stack boxes and trays with confidence.

Easy Identification
Choose Martha Stewart Stack Fit desk accessories that come equipped with dedicated space on the exterior of the piece to place a label, so you can quickly identify the contents inside boxes and drawers without having to open them. Alternatively, stackable trays have open layouts, so you can identify the types of documents stored in each tray with a glance. Whether you need a package of staples or a blank form, all your work items are easy to locate using these handy organizing tools.

Convenient Organization
Coordinate multiple items from the Martha Stewart Stack Fit desk accessories collection to create a professional look for your office. Elegant, neutral colors look neat and stylish, making these stackable accessories ideal for use in public area and places in your private office that are visible to visitors. Mix and match colors and styles to fit your unique tastes and business needs to create a functional, organized work space.


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